SIMPLE to USEGet online just Call sign and passcode required.IGateConfigurable Igate for massages, objects.
APRS-ISInternet Connectivity selectable when required.DigipeaterFlexible Digi setup to meet local needs
Center on StationTracking of moving station on map.UpdateIntegrated updates with Internet access.
Station displayChoose different views of stations and objects.WHO-ISClick to find call details when online.
Metric/ImperialConfigure for your local arrangementsNWSMapping of Wx warning areas, US and Oz.
TrackingPath of Travel can be shown on the map.QRUSet up local objects that can be remotely queried.
TelemetryAccess to telemetry dataGeoNames.orgAccess to geocoded addresses
MessagingVery flexible easy to use Chat system.Direction-FindingMapping of beams, can be sent to remote stations.
AnnouncementsFlexible monitor of ANSRVR SystemMultiline ObjectsSend and display complex objects to other stations.
BulletinsSimple to use local info broadcast system.Altitude and RangeMonitor for balloons and aircraft with RF Range Circle.
Open Source MapsFree configurable detailed fully scalable map sourceTransmission pathLive plots of transmission paths
Map Preload/CachingMaps can be stored for use when not online.PHG CirclesIndication of approximate coverage areas.
AGWPEUse AGWPE port for flexible connection to TNC's.Dead-ReckoningPrediction of current location of moving stations.
External TNCCan use many different types of TNC'sGeoCaching.comLoad geocaches on your map.
NMEA GPSCan use separate GPS and integrated data stream.WeatherCurrent observations are available
APRS RadioCan utilize APRS aware radios.Modern ConnectivityUse with USB, Bluetooth and TCPIP connectivity.
Integrated LoggingLogging of many features available if required.Map TransparencyAdjustable map intensity display for high object contrast.
Genius BeaconingPredictive beaconing with error indication.